It is an undeniable fact that lightning protection is a necessity for any building, facility and open space where there are large crowds of people. It may seem exaggerated, but the truth is simple

Lightning has great potential. Globally, there are approximately between 40 and 50 lightning strikes every second and nearly a billion and a half per year. Not only are their numbers alarming, but

Did you know that being indoors does NOT automatically protect you from lightning? Shelters such as houses, apartment buildings, offices and shopping centers are considered safe during a storm, but

Very often, people worry more about the security of their buildings and facilities than their own lives. An interesting fact is that lightning strikes are more common before and immediately after a

13 March, 2023
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Lightning can cause significant damage to buildings if they do not find a safe path to the ground. In the event of a strike, lightning will use any available conductor to find its way to the ground

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