How to manage lightning risk?

How to manage lightning risk?
5 October, 2023

Many businesses use weather forecasting and general analytics to manage risk when it comes to thunderstorms and lightning. Here you have to keep in mind that it matters what kind of property it is. Whether you are the owner of an office, a residential building or the manager of a large industrial enterprise. Lightning is unpredictable and without the necessary protection no one is protected.

In the previous article we paid attention to the industry - what is the risk, what damage can lightning cause and what are the recommendations of the experts . Today we will continue the topic by focusing on risk management.

How to analyze risk?

Any analyst will tell you that the first step is to identify the risk. To make it more precise, we need to answer the following question: "What risks are there in thunderstorms?".

We have mentioned to you more than once that lightning can strike anywhere directly or indirectly. They can injure visitors and your staff, cause damage to the building and equipment.

A lightning bolt with a high charge can break glass windows and surfaces, cause structural damage or spoil the good appearance of the facade.

Worse, it can pass through cables and reach equipment. For example, these can be – telephones, computers, chemical controllers, pool pumps and many others. If this happens - people are in danger! Touching the equipment during a lightning strike can seriously injure them and even kill them.

Now is the time to analyze probability and impact. Ask yourself, "What is the probability of a lightning strike at this facility?".

You should research - how often thunderstorms happen in your area. The higher the numbers, the greater the risk.

Don't forget to think about: "What is the potential impact of lightning?".

Death, serious injuries, significant property and equipment damage. Most experts would agree that the analysis will point you towards "severe impact".

What's next? 

Use the impact versus probability analysis you've done. Consider what level of risk management your properties require. The higher the frequency of occurrence and the higher the impact, the more you need to manage the risk.

Unfortunately, in Bulgaria it is very difficult to find accurate forecasts for thunderstorms and lightning. Most statistics and data are made for a short period of time and do not cover the past years.

Therefore, the best option is to take the initiative. Consider specific steps needed to manage the risk. Based on the analysis, create policies and procedures,  train staff and conduct emergency drills when you own a large enterprise.

It's a good idea to research how your competitors have dealt with this problem. If you do, you will undoubtedly find that they have complete lightning protection solutions.

Take action TODAY!

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